Find sets that add up to a value

SumMatch Pro
Use Excel find combination of numbers that equal a given sum with SumMatch Pro
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  • Add-in for Microsoft Excel professional users
  • Greatly improved matching power compared to the standard version
  • Finds combinations of larger groups of numbers that add up to a target sum
  • Best tool to work with large groups of input numbers that add up to a target sum
  • The most powerful and advanced tool on the market. Impressive performance
  • Adjustable target sum tolerance
  • Featuring filtering & ordering solutions by number of cells or proximity to target
SumMatch Web
Use Excel to identify numbers that add up to a given value
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starting from USD $14.00   (more options ...)
  • Find sets that add up to a certain value
  • Online version of SumMatch Pro
  • Does not require installation. Runs in most popular browsers
  • No administrator rights required
  • Use from any device anywhere
  • Copy & paste your data directly to the input box
  • All the matching power of SumMatch Pro in your browser
  • New optional spreadsheet layout available for trial and licensed users.
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